32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: haiii mam I am 31 week pregnant women I take scan last month my baby weight 1kg+ or - 650 gram how to increase my baby weight

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Answer: Hello dear if you want to increase your baby weight then its very necessary that you take fatty and calories diet. Include foods such as whole milk or skimmed milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, cottage cheese (paneer). All these food items are rich sources protein, calcium, and vitamin B12. If you are vegetarian, eat dals, cereals, dry fruits in your everyday diet to make up for your body’s requirement of protein.  Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet as it will help you gain your body’s required amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Make sure you have about five servings of each on a daily basis. If you eat meat and fish, make sure you include them in your everyday diet as well, as they will provide your body with the required proteins. Eating fats will help your body get the energy it needs to help you support the growing baby as well as prepare your body for the delivery. Vegetable oil is a good source of fat as it has unsaturated fats. Butter and ghee (clarified butter) contain a lot of fats.
Answer: Take more protein foods and avoid junk food and outside food u take daily almond milk fruits etc
Answer: Take protein diet and extra protein powder with milk
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Question: Hi how to increase baby weight? I am 31 week pregnant. And baby weight is 1850gm.
Answer: Hi dear. You should follow a proper food chart ... Like in morning start with coconut water , buttermilk or lassi this helps in morning sickness too.... For breakfast take idli, poha, rawa chilla with some veggies added to it , dhokla , sandwiches or parathas preferably with less ghee or butter ... For lunch take proper chapati or rice with daal (daal should be must it's enriched in protein ) mixed veggies curd or raita ... for Evening snacks try taking rusk, oats cookies, aate ka halwa , fruit salad, daliya , cheese toast , omelette toast ( if you like non veg) ... And for dinner take any veggie preferably chukandar beans paneer peas lauki (sounds yukk but it's beneficial for the lil one ☺) followed by milk ... Eat homemade foods thats healthy and safe boycott outside food ... And for sometimes if you want to do binge eating have pizza but homemade ... Gud luck 😊 hope this helps ..
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Question: haiii mam I am 31 week pregnant women I have stomach pain before motion any affected to baby to anybody reply me
Answer: no your normal bowel movement pain before passing motion should not effect your baby in anyway . pleae do not wory your baby is well protected
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Question: Hi i am 31 week pregnant.... Please suggest me to increase my baby weight because it's just less than 1kg
Answer: Have Protein and calcium rich foods such as egg without yolk, dhal, 1 piece of fish, chicken, cauliflower. It would really help to increase baby weight and you will not gain for sure
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