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Question: Mam i am try to get pregnant but i have period problem what i do mam pls sugges me

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Answer: Dear if ur periods aren't regular please consult a gynae as it is important to understand what is not letting ur periods happen regularly. The period cycle should be 25 to 35 days which is considered normal. If it is not like that or periods do not arrive every month gynae advice would be needed. Hope it helps.
Answer: Mam actually mere pancreas mein infection hai or rasoli hai Jo bar bar ban jati hai or jiski wjha se mujhe period nai aate pls mam help me
Answer: Hey plz consult with doctor first.. Take folic acid tablets daily.. For regularity of periods have ovabless tablet daily ..
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Question: Hello doctor I try to get pregnant within 14 month but I am unable to conceive.Today my period is come.plz suggest me what to do or not??
Answer: If you are having regular mensuration then concentrate on your ovulation period and have intercourse for 7 days during that period if you have irregular mensuration consult your doctor to evaluate the cause and treat accordingly. Go for hormonal profile too.
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Question: Hi doctors I have pcod problem I try to get pregnant pls suggest me
Answer: Hi dear. PCOS is a condition where ovaries produces more of male hormones known as androgens, which affects womens mensuration cycle, fertility and appearance. You would need to maintain a healthy life style in which you will have to : 1. Exercise. 2. Eating healthy. 3.Being in healthy weight. If you would reduce 5 to 10 % if weght chances of pregnancy would increase. 4. Having intercourse in right ovulation time. After this if being pregnant is still a issue your doctor will prescribe you a fertility medication to ovulate. After this a surgery can be performed in which doctor removes the small amount of tissue that producess excess amount of male hormones in the ovaries. And if nothing of the above works last otion is IVF i.e In Vitro Fertilisation, this has the most cances of conception. Although this a expencive procedure and is kept as last option.
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Question: Hi mam am 10 week pregnant i have so much acditiy problem not eating properly please sugges me
Answer: Hello dear... Acidity can caused due to acid indigestion in stomach, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Sleep with elevated pillow Have 5-6 small meal Drink more water, buttermilk you can have cumin water will be helpful Avoid oil, spicy, gas related foods
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