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Question: Hllo mam, I am sofia from Goa. I am 27 yr old . I have gone through normal delivery but doctor had done stitches for which till now i am unable to sit and walk properly. sometime the stich area is paining . I am washing the area with neem warm water . But plz say me how to get relief from the pain and how can area become dry soon. My baby is 3 months & 26 days old . She is having cold problem . How to get rid of it plz say me.

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Answer: Hi Sofia! If it has been not 3 months and 26 days it means almost 4 months and if the stitches are still not dried out yet you need to reach out to your gynecologist who might intern prescribe you an antibiotic to heal the area because 4 months is a long time and the stage should have been healed by now and as well as the cough and cold is concerned it causes by viruses, climate changes and infections since the baby is only 3 months old, you can try the following to give some relief. 1. Use saline water if the nose is stuffed- Saline water is best in stuffed nose it helps loosen the mucus. 2. Give her plenty of Breast milk-Breast milk is everything your baby needs now to take the germ out through pee. 3.You can give steam bath-steam bath also loosens the mucus and gets drained out from nostrils. 4. Musterd oil massage on the chest and feet-If the oil suits the baby please rub it on the chest and feet to generate heat this too will help loosen the mucus. 5. Elevate the baby upright so that he can breathe easyily and while sleeping make the pillow also a little elevated. Hope this helps the baby!
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    Sofia Priyadarshini27 days ago

    Thanx neelam

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