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Question: Mam i am 3weeks pregnant but my baby is not growth why mam

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Answer: Hi dear 3 weeks is a is a very early time to detect growth of the baby please let few weeks go by and I'm sure in your next scans you will be able to see the growth.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Mam i am 3weeks pregnant but my baby is not growth why
Answer: In 3 weeks, there won't be much visible growth .. In further ultrasound scans u can check the growth
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Question: Mam my last period is 9dec now I m pregnant. But baby womb is not growth
Answer: Hello dear. Baby bump doesn't show so early. It starts showing after 20 weeks which is the end of 5th month. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am 32 wk pregnant, but my baby still not the exactly growth of gestational age. Why this happen? Is stress cases Growth retardation?
Answer: Growth restriction inside uterine is more related to internal issues.... Like improper flow of blood to the baby or placenta related issues and several more.
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Question: I am 30 weeks pregnant, but fetus growth is 12days in advance. My sugar levels are normal. And baby weight is 1445gms. Why baby growth is advanced?
Answer: Don't worry .. its normal.. sometimes the growth is fast nd sometimes slow
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