6 months old baby

Question: Mam. I am looking so fat after after family planing operation and it's normal or anything problem? And also prefer to me how to loss my weight. Mam I am giving breast milk to my baby he was 6 months old

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Question: Hi mam I'm second pregnancy now I'm giving breast milk to my first baby and I stopped giving so my breast became stronger and paining what to do is anything problem to me and what is the solution
Answer: Hello Dear! Please start feeding from two sides, keep switching sides when the baby is feeding. Your Breast is engorged dear thats why the pain and heaviness. Please express the milk, give warm compress. Wet a towel in warm water and hold it on thd engorged breast you will see mill flowing out. You can also try ice cold pack. You can try cold cabbage leaves under your bra to give have some relief. Good luck!
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Question: Hello mam,how can i losse weight am becoming so much of fat ...how can i control to weight loss
Answer: Dear for me yoga and walking helped. I did yoga for an hour in the morning and an hour of walk in evening which helped me loose 16kgs in 3 months time. Eat healthy and balanced diet and avoid oily, fried, junk food and ensure a good intake of water. Hope it helps.
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Question: Mam my weight 95 and am trying to pregnancy Mam so weight loss instructions tell me
Answer: Dear before pregnancy you can start doing walk, yoga and also join gym. If there is no medical complications you cab easily loose weight with the help of exercising and balanced and healthy diet. Hope it helps.
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