13 years old baby

Question: Mam, I am always feeling to do itching in my private parts. It is getting some what red also. It is making me feel uncomfartable in front of everyone and it is getting difficult to control. What is happening to me.

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Answer: Hi, Vaginal itching most of the time is not a area of concern. It happens sometimes because we do not maintain proper hygien or our underwears are not clean. But sometimes it can be a sign of some problem mostlly infections. Some skin disease like Eczema also cause this type of problem. One of the most common infection that infects many women is vaginal yeast infection. Sometimes menopause time also female get itching problem. Please visit your doctor if you are seeing these things in you like 1. Some discharge from vagina 2. Vaginal swelling or redness 3. Too much pain making it difficult fpr you to urinate 4. Pain while having sex
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Question: Hiii everyone I am feeling itching in my vaginal area... It is very discomforting. . I also used washes but still the itching is continue... What should I do
Answer: Don't use any chemical based washes , try hot water mixed with some amount of salt wash the area it will settle , drink lot of water it prevents urine infection
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Question: My aby is having itching in his private parts mainly poo area plz do suggest what to do
Answer: Check for worms dear.. I would recommend you to talk to doctor and get deworming done.. Also apply coconut oil in the private area to sooth the baby.
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Question: My baby is getting red in her toilet part and it is also itching
Answer: May be its diaper rash use coconut oil even my baby I went through this problem last time and I applied coconut oil its very helpful.
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