1 months old baby

Question: Mam I am a- and my husband is o+ but my baby is a+. Is this possible?how

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Answer: Hi. Yes. Baby get blood group from parents so baby is mix of both of you. Same case is with me i am b(-) ve my husband is o(+)ve and our baby is B(+) ve. So dont worry its quite normal.
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Question: My blood group is O+ve and my husband blood group is AB+ve, but my son blood group is A+ve.. is this possible?..pls anyone explain.
Answer: Yes its possible. For the combination of O and AB all 4 blood groups can be possible for a child.
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Question: My husband is o- and i am o+ should i worry for the baby or delivery?
Answer: No u should not worry. if your blood was RH - (neg) then you would have to worry about the Rhogam shot. But since you are 0 Positive it doesn't matter... If you were O neg.. and father O Pos.. then there would be a problem because the baby could be RH + which you don't have the ability to fight off and you body will attack the baby.. maybe not with the first pregnancy but every pregnancy after that one. But since you are POSITIVE then no worries you will be safe every pregnancy and will never need the rhogam shot...
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Question: My blood group is O negative and my husband blood group is O positive. Past 5 months we are planning for a baby. Is it possible to get a baby??
Answer: Ya sure.... It's not depending up on u r blood group..... Don't think like that....
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