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Question: mam.. I am 25 week pregnant. My result in my sugar test came before eating 113 and after eating 169. Now the doctor has said that he will start a medicine. Will this affect the health of my child?

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Answer: Your can ask your doctor to suggest a diet plan or refer to a nutritionist who can plan it for you. My doc suggested me to stop eating white rice, normal wheat flour maida , sugar , bananas, and any kind of junk food. Instead replace them with healthy choices of multigrain ata, brown rice, salad including cucumber and tomato with lemon dressing, not too sweet fruits like oranges,guava,apples, few grapes can be also taken. The key to control your levels is to control your quantity too,like instead of 3 chapatis take 2 in one meal, then after 2 hrs you can have 1 chapati again if you feel hu hey.
Answer: Hello dear!! He would firstly do your Glucose Tolerance Test (GCT) to know your hba1 c levels. You may have gestational diabetes. If your hba1c is not normal, then it may cause birth defects such as macrosomia or hypoglycemic. In this the child's head gets bigger. To reduce this, you will have to control your diet a lot. If hba 1c is more then you should start medication. Sugar does not take much time to grow. Take a 30-minute walk everyday. Totally stop having sugary and high in carbs your food. Don't stress yourself and get it tested on a priority
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    Shruti190 days ago

    Glucose tolerance test is different and HBa1c test is different. Don't worry please do as per doctor advice. Take proper medicine and strict diet. Go for walk. If you control your blood sugar it won't affect your baby.

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    garima varshney133 days ago

    Mine was 183 after meal... I dint take any medicine.. Healthy diet lijiye.. Sugar pe control kijiye...

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    raghu udaya123 days ago

    Wht medicine actually i too had gestational diabetic am using insulin(doctor suggested) because it wont reach babee....

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    Simi Titto122 days ago

    I'm also having gestational diabetes, Dr. suggested to cut-down rice from diet. No need of any medicines

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    payal Bhavsar119 days ago

    Same I too am having gestational diabetes doctor told to totally avoid high carbohydrates food, rice, sweets and potatoes I am just avoiding these food

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    amruta avachat118 days ago

    What is the normal level of hb1ac?

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    Ram E114 days ago

    Hi, it's very common to get diabetes in the pregnancy, very rare chances it will continue after given birth other wise it will get normal after delivery

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    Aashi Chopra84 days ago

    Hi,the normal fasting sugar levels should be less than 95 and 1 hr after eating should be less than 140, doctor might start with medicine or may prescribe insulin to control as it does not cross the placenta and is safest, diet control can help majorly, doctor might ask to monitor it for some days to see the trend and post that will prescribe. Take care

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    pavani boyidi42 days ago

    Hi mam.. am 7th 28week pregnant women.... my gtt test results fasting was 107 n after 1st of having glucose water it was 200 n 2nd hr 180.. For confirmation my doctor told me to have hba1c test in that the results showed non diabetic.. I mean 5.3% normal value.. So they told me to follow diet n exercise.. is that enough or should I add anything else..

Answer: Definitely not...if you take medicines or insulin correctly,it wont affect..follow your doctor advice...before food it should be 90 and after food 120 for pregnancy women..Im also 28 weeks pregnant having diabetes having medicines and insulin..so dont worry ma...be happy...
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