17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam how to prevent or develop our immunity during tis corona time? Can v take arsenic alba homeo medicine as prevention? Or any other ways pls suggest us what tablet safe during pregnancy?

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Answer: Arsenic Alba is a metal kind of ingredient which may or may not increase your cretanine. Please consult your guna before consuming it. Or you can also consult the Homeopath doctor and inform him that you are pregnant.
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    Rathi Thara6 days ago

    Thank u mam.

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Question: How can i keep my baby safe during this time as i hv to join office and my job is like i am gathered by many people n i do lot of paperwork. My baby is 5 mons old n i m.still feeding her my milk. How can i prevent corona????
Answer: Wenever u go out, wear mask and sanitiser. Just aftr coming home, sanitise ur bag ,fone and belongings. Take a bath. Wash ur clothes with dettol or with hot water. Take ur baby after that.
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Question: How to prevent babies from SIDS ? Nd my baby boy is 2 months old what precautions should I take ? His breathing pattern is different so that m worried about that !! Can u please suggest how to make my baby sleep either back side or on mosquito net else separate bed !!!
Answer: Keep him on bed inside a mosquito net,place pillows around him not so close as it would make him difficult to breath so place pillows accordingly, watch him at intervals ,my son is 3 months old i will keep alarm for every 1hour to check if he had pooped peed or turned over this won't affect our sleep since only sometimes they will turn or pooped you can check for a minute and sleep again.. this will avoid babies from sids.
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Question: Hi doc !..my baby s 88 days old...she s Oly 4.9kg...when s born she was 3.2 kg...she s not drinking milk properly ..she takes around 3mts Oly....I did as much I can...due to Corona situation scared to consult doctors..is there any medicine to increase appetite n which in turn increase baby weight...pls if so suggest me guys really worried... couldn't go out due to pandamic...really helpless..
Answer: hello sister don't worry hello sister don't worry Check out what u eat n are milk is sufficient or not check out her stool May b baby might suffering with colic and even check out what she do if she wont drink milk like she is crying frequently or she cry in cramming pain
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