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Question: hlo mam how can i become pregnent actully i hv irregular periods frm last 5 6 months

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Answer: Dear Irregular periods can indicate that you are ovulating inconsistently or, in some cases, not at all. As you already know, it is impossible to conceive without an egg, so the less you ovulate the less opportunities you have to conceive. First things first, it will be important to try to restore some regularity to your cycle and increase the frequency of ovulation. Fortunately, making a few simple (easier said than done, of course!) lifestyle changes can help you improve the balance of your hormones and help to make your periods more regular: The next equally important step will be to pinpoint your fertile window each cycle. Remember that in order to conceive, sperm must be waiting in your Fallopian tube at the time the egg is released from the ovary. And because sperm can only survive for up to 5 days in the female reproductive tract, it is important for you to be able to predict when you will ovulate so that you can time intercourse appropriately. For women with irregular periods, ovulation prediction can be a frustrating endeavor. To make this task easier, you might consider using an electronic fertility monitor .... Also you can consult with gynecologist about it and get yourself checked once..
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    Vanthana .62 days ago

    mam what is that electronic fertility monitor .. how does it work

Answer: Correctly answed
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Question: My last lmp was on 19 December but still i have not got periods and im having irregular periods n pcod problem can i become a mom
Answer: Hi, as per your lmp you should have got your periods on 19th of January but it looks like you have missed your periods on 19th of January since you have an irregular period it is important to know how many days cycle you have according to which it can be decided however you can also consult to the doctor and ask for his suggestion and guidance you can do your Urine Pregnancy Test want to confirm if you are pregnant . since you already I am having PCOD problems I would also suggest you to take proper medications for that in consultation with your doctor because it is the hormonal problem if treated will it can help you to conceive
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Question: Am 6 months pregnent., frm last one week am suffering from leg cramps.., is there any plbm., how to overcome frm that pain
Answer: Leg cramps are common in pregnancy, specially now that you are in your 2nd trimester. Please stay hydrated, drink lots of water, which helps to avoid leg cramps. You can get leg massage, which will help relieve the pain.
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Question: My periods are so irregular...mostly 5-10 days can i calculate ovulation
Answer: Hello dear Yes, it is easy to calculate ovulation for regular periods but it is difficult to calculate ovulation for irregular periods. By learning, we are able to know that when is our ovulation period: 1. Your cervical mucus changes when you ovulate 2. Your body temperature fluctuates with the onset of ovulation.
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