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Question: Mam enaku pcod problem iruku enaku baby kidayadhu so na epdi kansive aghuradhu sollunga

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Answer: hi dear with PCOD problem also it is normal and common to conceive there is nothing to be worried about because an ovarian cyst do not really create any problem in conception however if your periods are irregular then you need to undergo medication treat your condition and make the period cycle regular to plan out during your ovulation time to conceive and as we all know that PCOD is basically a Lifestyle disorder disease so please check your diet exercise more you need to be active a lot even if you cannot exercise on a daily basis you can walk for 40 minutes to an hour which will help you to treat the condition better and it will be easier for you to conceive . Hope this helps
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Question: Enaku pcod problem iruku atha epdi cure panrathu
Answer: Pcod is treated with together your lifestyle balance diet and medication. PCOD and PCoS is usually caused by an imbalance in hormones only and extra moves of testosterone which cause problems in follicle formation and you see multiple cysts is well managed by the help of insulin regulator suggest metformin and medicines that counteract and lower the luteinising hormone. Progesterone injection is given to you to lower the chances of miscarriage which is very common in PCOD patients as progesterone helps to maintain the placental function and hence you will need a synthetic progesterone For medication please visit your Dr she will start for you. About the diet and lifestyle it is important to not to stress and follow a good exercise schedule such as yoga and pranaym. Take care Keep me updated.
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Question: Hii mam na slimma dan.irupen ....but enaku pcod prblm iruku regular periods agudhu .....boold level 10 point dan iruku so adhanala dan conceive aga mudiyala
Answer: Hi..Nan 8 months pregnant mother..Ennoda experience la solren pls PCOD ku feel pannadheenga..Enakum PCOD iruku nu sonnanga when I went to check up for irregular periods...Konjam medicines thandhanga...One month continue pannen..edhukum therinja family doctor kita second opinion kekalam nu ponom..Appa dhan avanga sonnanga idhu hormone tablet ipove stop pannunga PCOD ellam ipo oru issue ve illa nu...Medicines stop pannitu diet la konjam changes pannen, healthy and natural diets,fruits and vegetables sapten and next month enaku result positive nu vandhuchu..So theva illama stress agadheenga tension agadheenga..PCOD is quite normal these days..Hope this is useful..Keep trying and you will be a fruitful mother soon..
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Question: Enaku delivery aagi 3 months aaguthu vayiru perusavea iruku epdi sari panrathu.
Answer: Vanakam... Nenga papaku nalla feed panunga, neraya fruits, vegetables, yeduthukonga, oil fried food lam sapdathinga, thani neraya kudinga, tummy beltkuda wear panalam, six months ku aprom mild abdomen exercise seinga, vayiru kuraiya help panum
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