2 years old baby

Question: MAM can I store my milk?? and can I give it to my son?? how many days i ca store it?

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Answer: Yes dear frend.. you can surely store it. I am a working woman so this is the only option I had to feed my baby, but keep in mind that if you are keeping it at normal temprature then the baby should have it within 3-6 hours. And if you are keeping it in fridge it can be used for 3 days.
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    Anubhooti Gupta118 days ago

    My doctor said in room temperature for 3-6 hours and in fridge u can store for 24 hours

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    keerthi35 days ago

    Feeding stored milk with in a day is good to improve babys immunity.

Answer: Yes you can store your breastfeeding milk upto 6 hours on normal temperature & if u store it on fridge then 5 days Moreover in ice fridge u can store it upto 6 months
Answer: Feeding baby with frozen stored milk within a day is good fr health dt improves babys immunity
Answer: Yea you can in room temperature 4 hrs .. in fridge you can store for 1 month
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    Zara Dear33 days ago

    In winters should I heat stored milk

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