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Question: Mam can I feed cerelc for 5 months bby...!!! Which 1 shld I hve to feed and how???? I think my milk is my sufficient he is becomg thin.... Feeling tens

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Answer: Generally doctor suggest to feed only mother milk to baby till 6month. After that you can start cerelc. if baby weight is more, than they need extra milk or food I don't think that your baby is more weight . Before feeding him eat one teaspoons of jeera and sounf powder. After that you feed him milk will be sufficient and take red meet and soup in your food and drink 2glass of milk daily you will get sufficient milk for baby
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Question: My bby is 3 months old. My breast milk is not sufficient for him. I am confused which milk should I give to my bby?
Answer: U can make use of the maa-lact or g-lact granules..i was also facing the same problem and this was suggested to me by my doctor. It's an ayurvedic supplement and helps in lactation. U can find it in all the medical shops
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Question: I think my bm is not sufficient for my baby can i use formula. Which formula milk is good
Answer: Yes dear, u can feed both formula milk as well as breastmilk to ur baby. There is nothing harm in it. If u see that u are not able to feed ur baby as u are not getting sufficient milk then u can start giving ur baby formula milk which also contains same nutrients which mother milk have. But it would be good if u breastfeed ur baby till 6 months.
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Question: My baby is 5 months old. Can i give cerelc
Answer: Hi.. Dear complete breast milk or formula milk, during six months. By the end of six months you can introduce boiled cereal water, semi liquid porridges and cerelac.
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