7 months old baby

Question: Mam mjhe back Mae bahot pain rehta h ... Mere do ceserean ho chukae h....plz answer me kaise thik ho gaa h pain???

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Answer: Hi! Pregnancy usually causes stretching and loosening of abdominal muscles which put pressure on the back and hence cause back pain. Strengthening your core can reduce back pain. This is what my doctor told and i am finding a lot of difference after doing some workout for my core pls note i am 2.9 yrs post partum. Please check with your gynecologist n if she gives a go for workout you could try. Physiotherapy helps a lot, check with your Doc immediately, it’s hard to live with it. I suffered a lot and got relief because of physio only Use a proper back support pillow , keep you legs a little raised. Try different positions for breastfeeding. Keep hot water bag on the lower back for relief . Drink lots of water , bursts of exposure to sunlight. Take your vitamins and calcium supplements. Use a donut pillow incase there is pull down pain at the tail bone. Hope this helps!
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Question: Mera 8 month chal rha h or mjhe body pain rehta zada back pain rehta h
Answer: Hi, yes it happens as the baby grows the muscles also gets stretched and as a residential get pain in back. You should do some exercises and take walks. You can also start taking massage as it will will help your muscles to strengthen. You can take hot water bag fermentation on your back. You should also use a soft cushion to keep behind your back while sitting for long. You can out your feet in warm water for some time, it will relax your foot.
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Question: Hello mam meri pregnancy ko 2month ho gaye h mere back me bahot p ain hota h and hip me bhi hota h plz mujhe bataiye ye kaise thik hoga
Answer: Hiii dear First of all congratulations 🎊 Okay.. U have asked about pain issues. I am not going to suggest you to take any painkillers try to avoid these medicines in pregnancy. Back & hip pain are very common in pregnancy as baby grows it gives pressure to your back and hip bones as baby is in uterus. What you can do is try to sit in relaxing positions do not use stairs much. You can also use pillows and cushions to support your belly and back. Walk everyday as per your mood and comfort. You can use ointment to reduces pain. Stay happy eat healthy. 😄
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Question: Mera cesrean hua tha 26 july..or stitches bhi kul gye h...bt ab mjhe bahot khaasi ho gai h...plz koi problem toh ni ho gii na ...and mae kyaa luu jissae ye thik ho jaae
Answer: Hi dear, Khansi Kisi aur wajah se hui hai,naki delivery ki wajah se.go Sakta hai immunity low hi Jane ke Karan, infection ho gayi Hogi. Healthy Khana khaye apni immunity badhane ke liye. Vitamin C rich fruits Ka Sevan kare. Khaasi rokne ke liye ,ubaltey paani me loung,tulsi,ajwain daale ,usme honey daalke,us paani ki piti rahiye. Aap usme peeper kut ke bhi daal Sakti hai.zyda khaasi ho toh ek Baar doctor ko zaroor dikhaye.viral infection ignore Karne se secondary bacterial infection bhi ho Jati hai.take care.
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