30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hllo mam muje baby moveing to feel hoti rehti hai thik but baby kick km marta hai moveing ke according essa kew pls reply????

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Answer: Movements are important, any kind of movement hiccups ko count nhi krte. Vo kick b krta hoga sayd aap smjh nhi PA rhe honge, just enjoy this phase
Answer: Its normal. ..don't worry
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Question: pls reply my ques. muje baby ki movment to feel hoti rehnti hai but baby kick km marta hai pehle se its normal???
Answer: Baby movements reduces with pregnancy reaching it's advance stage. It will be difficult to differentiate between baby kicks and baby movements. Ideal scenario mein 1 movement every hour is fine leaving the time when baby is sleeping. Dont panic. Daily in the morning after breakfast lay down and count kicks if u get 10 kicks within 2 hours u don't need to worry the whole day. This is what my doc suggested and I was relaxed. Also kabhi agar lage u are not feeling movement have a small chocolate and u will start feeling movement. Hope this helps
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Question: meri baby movment kal bhut zyada thi asa kew kabhi kabhi to bhut km hoti hai pls reply me mam???
Answer: Increased fetal movement is not a problem, however if u feel a sudden drop in babys movement after that then u should immediately consult ur doctor as ur baby might be in distress...resulting in breathlessness & low heartbeat in baby
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Question: hlo mam plz reply me meri tummy navel ke pass tight rehti hai kew gass nhi bnti hai or baby movment to achi hai to fkr aisa kew hota hai???pls reeply
Answer: Hello! Yeh normal hain, isme ghabrane ki baat nehi hain. Navel ke paas bahut Jan ka tight hota hain.
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