5 months old baby

Question: Mam, baby ku 5 month mudinchi mother milk enaku sariya surakurathu illa, baby pasila alukura yenna food kodukalam. Ceralac, fruits biscuits yethavathu kodukalama... Plz sollunga...

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Answer: Hi No, solid foods are recommended for baby under 6 months as they cant digest...even if you feel your sectetion is low just keeo feeding and only if baby keeps latches your secretion ll improve also you can take dalia, garlic,jaggery,more dairy products,iron rich diets like green and veggies,dry fruits and nuts,jeera and methi water for good lactation....these diets are the major source to improve your secretion of milk which helps for babies healthy growth and weight gain
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Question: Madam, enode 5 month baby motion porathu illa, 4 days or 5 days ku one time supposerty vachi than motion poga vaikuren. Plz ethuku oru solution sollunga.
Answer: Hi mam babaies udambula waterkammiya aachuna body dehydrtae aakidum so constipation problem varum. Atleast 8 ro 10 times baby ku feed pannunga. 5 month start aayiduchu so nalla kothika vacha thanniya kidukalam. Everyday morning coconut or gingelly oil vachi baby stomach massgae pannunga.
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Question: Hi mam... Now my baby is 4 month old but mother milk romba kammiya iruku..vera enna kudukalam baby ku
Answer: Hii dear I m so sorry .I don't know dis language but by going on setting in healofy apps u can change the language preference and can ask ur question. In chat group if u know English then do post ur query on English. Will surely help u. Thx
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Question: Hello my baby boy now 5 month starting can i give fruits puree and can i start biscuits and milk .
Answer: You can start by six months dear. Till five months only breastfeeding required otherwise the baby might develop digestion problems
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