22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam any body suggest any remedy am suffering from burning sensation at the previous stiches place of previous cessarian operation now am carrying of 5months pregnancy , why its happening am so confused but its very much burning at the place of previous stich scars very deep below near uterus

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Answer: You can apply Aloevara gel or coconut oil, if it is too much itching consult your doc
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Question: Hi Dr. I am having weird kind of pain or burning sensation below breasts near ribs. If I press it, its paining and even if my clothes touch that part I feel burning sensation. What exactly it is?
Answer: Hi, Its common during pregnancy,its all hormonal play.ur breasts are getting ready to feel your lil one.try to wear loose clothing,dnt wear dresses that stick to your body.As they are getting bigger you will feel certain pressure below,on your ribs.Do breathing exercises,walk everyday,soon you are going to have your lil one in your hands.all the best.
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Question: Hi Now am in 6th month. Baby kicks are very regular. Am happy for that. This is my second pregnancy. Am having irritation and burning sensation near stitches. That too only at night times. I have applied coconut oil, and cold cream day by day, but the burning sensation doesn't leave. Can anyone tell me the reason and the remedy for this?
Answer: It's due to pregnancy bcz baby is growing n pushing ur internal organs ... coconut oil is good...
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Question: Ma'am am 22 weeks pregnant and getting so much pain and burning sensation on and near the c section scar that i had 5 years before, why it is happening am suffering very much ,my doctr suggested maternity belt am using that but my pain has not decreasing, plz ma'am suggest me any remedy and plz say why it happening to me.?
Answer: Hi dear the reason could be the expansion of baby bump which is putting a lot of pressure on the incision scar, hence the pain and the burning sensation I would suggest you to please talk to your doctor your doctor would definitely advising some medicine which can be applied to get some relief.. Hope this helps!
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