19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam am 19th week pregnant.. I am having brownish color discharge for d past two days.. Is it serious?

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Answer: hi dear brownish colour discharge means it's old blood but it's not common to have a 19 week of pregnancy if needs a medical attention to visit your gynachologist as soon as possible, you may also need to go for a scan to know the exact reason of spotting .
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Question: I m having mild vaginal pain for d past two days... In my 19th week... And i m having cervical stitches.. Is dis normal or something to check?
Answer: Hii dear .Pain in vagina is quite common due to the pressure from utreus . It do create pain in vagina legs and other part of body but as u gone through cervical stitch so I will advise u to consult once to go for internal checkup as to check there is no such complication. All the best.
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Question: Hi ... I am 36 weeks pregnant. I am having white discharge (like jelly) from past two days while urinating. Is it any serious?
Answer: Check amniotic fluid picture from net. If the discharge is likewise talk to ur doctor. N if it's normal white liquid without any smell it's normal.
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Question: i m 13 weeks pregnant. Yellowish-pink discharge is releasing for two days. Is it serious?
Answer: Dear if the discharge is having smell and is causing itching burning sensation then it can be because of infection and you must consult with your doctor about it because infection during pregnancy should be cured immediately...don't worry just consult with a doctor and also increase your fluid intake because the more liquid you will drink the more you will pee and the infection will come out of your system through urine but do consult with the doctor..
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