7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mam agar mouth m ulcer ho raha ho tho kuch darne wali baat tho nahi hai m 7weeks pregnant ho

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Answer: hello dear Mouth ulcers are open sores located inside your mouth. In an appearance, you would see a white or yellow colored spot encircled by red color. They are pretty painful while eating, drinking or brushing your teeth.However during pregnancy, your body is undergoing a phenomenal change, which could lead to some issues as the body needs to adapt to these changes. Mouth ulcers can happen in early pregnancy too.Any ulcer which lasts more than two weeks needs diagnosis.. so seek an doctor advice and follow his suggestions dear
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Question: Mai m 6 week pregnant .but white discharge ho raha .problem wali baat to nahi hai
Answer: White discharge is very common during pregnancy due to hormonal changes if you notice the vaginal itching or pain during urination or burning sensation on abdominal cramps then you should inform your doctor as it can be due to the urinary tract infection Keep drinking lots and lots of Maintain the hygiene Make sure to wipe the vaginal area from front to back whenever you use washroom
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Question: Hello ji mera Wight kam huaa hai kuch tension wali baat tho nahi
Answer: Hello dear... Generally some pregnant women loose weight in first trimester ie up-to 12 weeks... So that's normal
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Question: 3 month mai agar tummy diknai lagta hai tho ismai koi problem ki baat tho nahi
Answer: Hi.. Dear it is ok, kabhi kisi ka tummy pehle dekhne lagta hai, kisi ka kafi late.. Esmein koi ghabrane ki baat nahin hai..
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Question: Main 17weeks pregnant hu... Kuchdin se thoda bahut movement feel ho raha thaa bt avi 2dino se kuch v samajh nahi aaraha hai . Kya kuch darne wali baat hai????
Answer: Fetal movements are normally felt after 26 weeks. Before that you might feel slight fluttering at times.So no need to worry yourself. Check with your gynaec in every 15 days if you are worried.
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