7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam actually last year my pregnancy is double marker test is high risk so i will go absortion. But this is year no problem or worry pls send me

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Answer: Hi dear! So last time your pregnancy was high risk one that does not mean even in this pregnancy it will happen but we will have to handle you with double care than others dear. So don't worry just get your scans done in time and take your folic acid tablets also and if ever you feel something is wrong then do visit your doctor dear so that scans can be done. Don't worry nothing will happen in this pregnancy just we'll have to take a little more care dear. Take care
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Question: i had high risk in double marker test...now suggested to go for aminotesis test,pls suggest.
Answer: if the report shows high risk of having down syndrome please go for further test for confirmation. you should go for next level test dear.
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Question: NT scan value is 2.60, doctor said its high. But double marker test came as low risk. Anything to worry about that 2.60
Answer: Actually in India acceptable range up to 3mm but more than 2.5 mm considered as a high. In other countries I heart up to 2.5 is acceptable but 2.5 is considered high. But If nasal bone is present and not ossified I guess there is nothing to worry if blood test is also ok.
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Question: Hello mam this is my second pregnancy and in first pragnancy my dr. Not suggest me any test like Nt scan or double marker test n my baby is healty... But this time i here about these test so i want to know that these test are compulsory or suggested by dr. If my dr. Not suggest me these test so no problem or i have to go through these tests....
Answer: Apka first baby kitni age ka ha. Aur apki age iss time kya ha. Meri bhi second pregnancy ha maine bhi ye test krwaye. First baby k time nhi krwaye the.
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