Few days pregnant mother

Question: mala thyroid ahe 8 Tsh so mala pregnant honyasathi kahi prob hoil ka?

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Answer: Proper medical treatment ghya.. Thyroid Specialist astat tyanna visit kara.. Majhya 2 frnd jyanna thyroid aahe tya sadhya pregnant aahet.. So tumhi hi pregnant hou shakta nakkich
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    neha garud939 days ago

    Mazhi treatment already chalu ahe

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Question: I'm 7 weeks pregnant and already diagnosed with thyroid TSH level is 6.. What do I do I'm worried, having medicine e though
Answer: Hey dear ur tsh s high as in first trimester tsh should be between 0.1-2.5. Yr try s high so dear take medicine as ur Dr suggest u ,avoid taking cauliflower, cabbage, brocoli too nd go 4 walk daily. Take care
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Question: M 7 week pregnant and i have thyroid..i just had my thyroid medicine in the morning and vomitted..so i want to confirm whether i should have my thyroid medicine again or should leave it??
Answer: Have your medicine 1 hr before breakfast to avoid vomiting & no u should nt take it again
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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant and my thyroid tsh is 4.9 . Is it safe or will have any complications
Answer: No ur thyroid ison higher side.. plz consult a doctor for medication.
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