31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: main nyt me so nhi pa rhi hu back pain k wajah se kya kru

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Answer: use a c shaped pregnancy pillow. I have been using since 20 weeks and I am 34 weeks now still no body ache
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Question: main 2nd tym conceive krna chahti hu pr ho nhi pa rhi hu..kya kru????
Answer: first meet a good gyne may be she will suggest you for some test and folic acid. do sex on right time. healthy diet is necessary. keep an eye on your ovulation days.
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Question: hello main 8 week pregnant hu mera kuch bhi khane ko man nhi krta hamesha pet bhari or vomit feel hota h jis wajah se me proper diet nhi le pa rhi hu plz btaiye me kya kru
Answer:  Nausea is very tricky at first place it doesn't let you have anything , and then more you stay empty stomach more severe it gets. Start your day with white rasgulla or coconut water. It really helps in easing out nausea. Second eat in small quantity but at regular intervals. Lets say at every 2 hours, this will provide the extra calories needed for your baby’s development and also will keep nausea at bay. Staying hydrated is again a great remedy. After each meal munch on few roasted fennel seeds mixed with mishri. This keeps the mouth taste favourable and doesn't trigger nausea. Kerp yourself occupied because thinking about nausea makes you vomit more. Lastly you can ask your doctor to prescribe you antivomit pills and it will take care of all your worries. Stay blessed!
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Question: mere kl se back m left side bht pain ho rha h continuously me us side krwat b nhi le pa rhi hu kya kru pls reply
Answer: Back pain is often caused by pregnancy hormones relaxing your ligaments, the tough tissues that connect your joints. The weight you naturally gain and changes to your posture as your bump grows can add to the problem. You're most likely to feel pain in your lower back. But you may also feel discomfort in your upper back, shoulders, between your breasts, and in your ribcage. Sitting or standing in one position for a long time may make your back pain worse. If you exercise regularly, it's fine to continue, but listen to your body. Gentle exercise, such as walking and stretching, may relieve your stiffness and pain. But don't force yourself if you feel pain, as you could strain your ligaments further. Gentle massage can ease backache, but the effects tend to be temporary. To support your back and prevent pain, fold a thick towel lengthwise and place it perpendicular to your body at the point on your waist or you can use pregnancy pillow.
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