15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Main baby ka movement kb se feel karungi?

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Answer: Baby ka movements 16 week say 18 week k beech may kabhi bhi feel ho sakta hai .. starting ka movement bahut halka hota hai isliy bahut ladies samjh hi nahi paati hai movement . Abhi aapko 15 week chal raha hai kuch weeks may aapko feel hoga.
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    Prerna Shrivastava734 days ago


Answer: After 5 month properly... Vese to 4 month se bubble types feel hota h
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Question: Main kb se feel karungi apne baby ka movement???
Answer: Hi.. Dear abhi aapko thoda wait karna padega.. Aap ko kabhi zada tho kabhi kab movements feel hogi 20 weeks ke baad..
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Question: Main kab baby ka movement feel karungi??? Avi baby kitna bara Hua??14th week hai mera
Answer: You should feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening," between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not feel your baby move until closer to 25 weeks. From head to bottom, he measures 3 1/2 inches – about the size of a lemon – and he weighs 1 1/2 ounces. His body's growing faster than his head, which now sits upon a more distinct neck. By the end of thisweek, his arms will have grown to a length that's in proportion to the rest of his body.
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Question: Baby ka movement kb se feel hoga?
Answer: Hi dear in pregnancy you can start feeling your baby movement as early as from 16 weeks of pregnancy and as late as 24 weeks of pregnancy ,both are normal. Don't worry, very soon you going to feel your baby's movement. Do some light households and some walking to keep yourself active, active mother feel baby movement earlier. Hope it helps.
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Question: Baby ka movement kb se feel hoga?
Answer: Hi dear you can start feeling baby movement within 16 to 24 weeks of pregnancy. Still you have some time to feel your baby's movement ,so don't worry relax. Take care of yourself.
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