28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Maim mera 7th month chl raha h meri hatheliya or pair k panje bahut garm rahte hain.. Is this normal koi problem to nhi hogi.

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Question: Mera 7th month chal raha hain aur Pair me sujan hain..is it normal?
Answer: Hello, Swelling in feet is normal during pregnancy because of increased blood volume and water retention to supply nutrition to your baby. It can be experienced at any time and is more common in third trimester. You can avoid standing for long periods of time , decrease spending time in summer heat, rest with your feet above to help backward glow of fluids, reduce salt intake , increase water intake helps flush out water retention , wear comfortable shoes and avoid tight clothing around legs. Unless associated with very high blood pressure nothing to worry about.
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Question: hlo mam mera 5month chl rha h ab m badam biggo k khaa skti hu Koi prblm toh nhi hogi na Garm toh nhi lgi gye na
Answer: 10 badam bhiggo k kha sakte hai dear no problem. Almnonds are good for pregnancy. Almonds have Folic acid that prevents neural defects They provide a healthy source of carbs and dietary fat Prevents excessive weight gain Supplies iron Protects the child from future allergies: Almonds contain a good amount of protein that provides strength and stamina required for delivery. Almonds help ease digestion and regulate bowel movements. They also treat constipation problems that are very common during pregnancy. Calcium strengthens bones: One ounce of almonds provides around 75mg of calcium. It helps lower the risk of high bp and also assists in bone formation in the unborn.
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Question: Maim mera wait 2nd to 5th month same hi h 52 koi change nhi aaya koi problem to nhi hogi delivery m
Answer: Optimal weight gain during pregnancy ranges from 10-15kg. however each pregnancy is different some might gain less whereas some might gain upto 20kg depending on their body type. During pregnancy one needs to be very wise selecting diet. You need to take lots of protein and carbs whereas have to cut short on sugar,oil and spice. Keep your meals simple. Reduce the quantity and eat at every 2hours. This way your metabolism will be high and the calories will be consumed immediately rather than getting stored. Include more of fruits and Dryfruit this way there will be healthy weight gain . You ll have strong stamina rather than just accumulating fat in your body which will be tough to get rid of post delivery. Drink water at every hour. This will improve your digestion and will also cleanse your body.
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