23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mai 23 week pregnant hu mere kamar pe bohot dard hota hai mai kya karu

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Answer: Start taking calcium tablets morning and evening take rest..take plenty of water..if ur pain radiating to lower part of abdomen with hardening or tighting or radiating to thigh please consult ur doc..gi for urine R M abd urine culture test..might be ur having urinary tract infection which is very common during pregnancy..also go for usg for fetal well being as well as cervical length
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Question: Kamar me bohot dard hota hai dr...kya karu...?
Answer: Hie Back pain is a common compalint during pregnancy As you gain weight and your center of gravity changes Your body makes a hormones relaxin during pregnancy it relaxes your muscles which makes your back prone to pain Maintain a good posture, stand straight and tall,keep your shoulder back and relaxed,don't lock your knees and distribute the weight equally on both your legs Sleep on your sides to keep any pressure off your back Addjust pillow behind your back, below your feets and in between your knees to comfort yourself and ease back pain Adjust a pillow behind your back while sitting Regularly physical activity can keep your back strong and might relive back pain Of your back pain is severe you might consult your gynaclogist for medicine or treatment
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Question: Kya pragnancy mai kamar dard hota hai
Answer: Haan ji pregnancy main kamar dard hona common hai, body main changes hote hai toh dard hota hai.
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Question: Hii..i am 13 week pregnant mera kamar mein bohot dard hota hai
Answer: Considering you're walking around with a baby in your belly, it's understandable that you might be feeling some back pain. But just because it's to be expected, doesn't make it easy to deal with. Applying a hot pack to your sore spots may soothe muscles and ease pain, as can a massage. Ask your partner for a back massage. Additionally, if you're sleeping on your back or find yourself tossing and turning at night, your resting position may be to blame for back pain. Try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees to ease any spinal tension and promote proper alignment. it's important to know when your back pain warrants medical attention. If your discomfort is consistent and self-care doesn't help much, discuss it with your doctor at your next appointment. If the pain is severe or accompanied by vaginal bleeding or discharge, contact your gynae immediately. Dull pain in the lower back may indicate pre-term labor, which calls for immediate care.
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