5 years old baby

Question: Mai baby girl is geographical tongue

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Answer: Hi in this case you should consult with doctor as would look at it and suggest the mediine and treatment. It generally dont occur any issue but good to consult.
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Question: My 1yr girl baby tongue looks white color like white patch is there is any problem
Answer: Hello! There is no problem. The white patch is the milk she has. You can take a muslin cloth, wet it and rub gently over the tongue it will come out. But remember don't rub harshly, just a gentle swap. Take care
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Question: Hii.... My baby girl is 3months. I don't clean my baby's tongue .how could i cleaned ????
Answer: When ur doing babies bathing time 1st u can take some turmeric keep it babies mouth and leave it Then u can do babies headbath lastly u can put ur finger into babies mouth and remove it dear.later u can again do babies face wash dear.
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Question: Can we use tongue cleaner for 19 days old baby girl?
Answer: Hie No dear don't use tounge cleaner rather take a soft cotton cloth and gently rub your babys tougue post feed to avoid thrush
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