18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Madam 18 weeks pregnant. Serum B12 test was done as doctor suggested me to go for test. Reports result 135 i got but the minimum range is 200 to 900 . For me its 135 is there any risk to baby please suggest me to increase the range

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Answer: Hi dear, Your b12 levels are quite low.doctor might start with suppliment.if you are vegetarian,then it's difficult for you get it through dietary source.kindly start taking the suppliment or get b12 injected.it could lead severe anemia
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Question: I got my vitamin B12 test done in which I got the value 1600...and the range given for B12 is 200 to 900. please suggest is it normal or should I do something about it
Answer: hello.. dear your B 12 levels are high.. if it is more than 600 than you and your baby might be risk for autism..Autism is a neuro developmental disorder that is often characterized by varying degrees of struggle with social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, sensory processing, and restricted or repetitive behaviors. so dont panic. let the doctor suggest you.. trust and follow your doctor suggestions dear
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Question: I am done with my Triple Marker Test and my reports are positive but doctor is advicing me to go for Quadruple Marker Test as well.Please suggest....
Answer: Hi, if reports are negative and u don't have any family history or you are less then 35yr then u don't need to go for this test. Ask your doc that why u need it if u have negative tripple marker reports.
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Question: Yester i go for blood test... And after seeing his reports his .. HGB is 8.6g/dL its very less please tell me what to do to increase it.
Answer: Take 2 or 4 dates per day and drink fig juice it I ll helps to increase blood circulation..
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