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Question: Hiii madam now my wife is 31 weeks pregnant .we have a planning to go my home town .by car the distance is 110 km is it safe to travel?Pls help me

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Question: I am planning to travel to my home town for delivery in starting of 9month which source is safe in travelling train or by car
Answer: Hello! train will be the safest and best medium of travel during that time provided you don't have any complications in your pregnancy or the doctor has refrained you from travelling. Just make sure of the following points while travelling. Please use the bathroom when ever you feel the need. Carry extra pillows or cushions to sit comfortably with proper support to the back. Carry water, food and snacks. Carry all your medicine. Donot lift any heavy object. Lastly do consult the doctor before the journey.
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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant. I have to go to mother town by 15 week which 220 kms distance by car. Is it safe?
Answer: If the road is good, without much bumpholes it's safe. But consult your doctor anyway. Pls don't travel in first trimester.
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Question: Hiii madam now my wife is 31 weeks pregnant shall we travel to my home town by car the distance is 110 km from the city.is it safe
Answer: It is important to take extra care now, so better to aviod
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