11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Madam safota is during pregnancy it's safe

2 Answers
Answer: Yes dear U can eat sapota in pregnancy. Sapota fruit is rich in many nutrients and which is good to be eaten in pregnancy. It is low in fat content and has zero cholesterol as well. The sapota also helps in reducing morning sickness and dizziness as well.
Answer: Hi.. Yes you can have Sapota (chikoo), consumption of it is safe during pregnancy.. It is rich in nutrients..
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Question: Safota it's safe during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. Sapota (chiku) is safe to eat when you are pregnant, it is, in fact, good for your baby and you.Sapota fruit is rich in various nutrients that make is a superfood for pregnant women. Hope it helps.
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Question: Madam Aloe Vera during pregnancy it's safe
Answer: I apply natural Aloe Vera Gel is the safest in the remedy for all the problems you can apply natural Aloe Vera Gel during pregnancy
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Question: Madam corn safe during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear surely u can have corn . It is very neutricious. Make sure u r not suffering from gas.
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