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Question: Madam I am 4 week pregnant in this time journey is safe or not

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Answer: Hi dear travelling is safe in pregnancy but usually doctors do not allow it for the first trimester depending on your condition and becz major changes happen during this time..so if you have already consultant a gynaecologist please seek his or her permission before you travel at 24 weeks of pregnancy.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Hi dear, There should not be any issue of travelling at this point if time.but yes,if you have any kind of complications related to spotting or severe cramps,then it's better to take doctor's consent before travel.
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Question: Am 14 week pragnant in this time journey is safe or not its about 350 km, pls suggest me
Answer: Hello Travelling when ur pregnant is a bit complicated than normal as there are alot of factors to consider. If ur traveling by ur car then it's safer compared to public transport as u need frequent washroom breaks.choose a clean hotel washroom In public transport bus is a bit tricky as the bumpy roads may affect ur posture causing alot of pain. Train is the best way to travel as u can relax with available space wch is better for ur posture. The only problem with the train is the washroom as it is very unhygenic and you can contact with a UTI.
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Question: Hello mam i am 7 week pregnant .This time long train journey is safe
Answer: Hi dear, Congratulations on your pregnancy! Yes,you can travel for that many hours ,provided you have no pregnancy related complications.also,if someone can accompany you would be better.maintain hygiene and always carry sanitizer.donot eat out.carry home cooked food and snacks.resrict your use of public toilets,try using stand and pee product to avoid urinary tract infection.keep yourself well hydrated.carry your meds if any.and also carry your prescription and scans with you in case of emergency.
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Question: Hi madam I am 4 weeks pregnant in this time sex doing correct or wrong
Answer: Dear sex isn't recommended in the first trimester. you can have sex in the second trimester if your pregnancy is not having any complication. Although make sure there is no pressure on your stomach while having sex. Hope it helps.
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