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Question: Madam actually what happen while the sperm goes inside after that it comes out of vagina so what to do and which position is better is there any problem last month also happen same thing

Answer: Hi,don't worry it is in fact a healthy sign that the sperms counts are quiet good enough you should try to remain on befld without using the washroom for 20 mins after doing the sex. This will help ,also Jeep a pillow behind your lower back ,this position will also help. All the best
Answer: It's not a problem pa, even I had same problem I worried , then I conceived.
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Question: after having intercross, husbands semen keepd leaking from my vagina. what to do so that the sperm goes inside
Answer: Hi! A smaller amount of sperm can cause pregnancy, and the pregnancy depends on the fertilisation of an egg with a sperm. A man ejaculates 40-150 million sperm and they swim upstream towards the fallopian tubes to fertilise an egg. It takes almost half an hour to reach an egg and lives upto 48-72 hours. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hey after sex sperm comes out....which position is best for having baby
Answer: Dear, missionary position is good for having baby. In this position you are under your partner and your partner on top. And some sperms comes out but strong sperms go inside. Fir better position you should put pillow under your bomb. Hope it will help you dear
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Question: hello ma'am after intercourse most of sperm comes out from it normal or what ?
Answer: It's normal physical process due to gravitation. No need to worry required amount of sperm will reach tubes just lie down for 10-15 minutes after intercourse.
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