29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Ma urine protein level is ++ wat does this mean....bp seems to be 80/120...

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Answer: Hai i am 34 week pregnant, i hve little stomach pain and tiredness
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Question: My BP level is 120/80 it is normal?
Answer: Hi mam . For a pregnant woman bp should be lower than 120/80 . But it is good now . You have to be carefull , don't take more salt in your food . And if you see odema in your leg you should go to the doctor and take her advice .
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Question: My bp is usually 90/60 only.. is it normal?? Does 120/80 mean a high bp for me??
Answer: Throughout my pregnancy, my bp was also 90/60. It was normal for me. Just keep on checking it.
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Question: Is 120/80 bp normal
Answer: Hi.. Dear High BP is common during pregnancy, but how to control it becomes a problem for women..with your prescribed medication, do some breathing exercises, eat Bananas, limit sodium intake (salt), avoid junk and caffeine completely..Readings below 90/60 mm Hg indicate low blood pressure, or hypotension. Readings above 140/90 mm Hg in pregnancy indicate high blood pressure, or hypertension.
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Question: Is Bp 80/120 normal
Answer: Hi dear, It is absolutely normal.no need to be worried.
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