4 months old baby

Question: MA son is 4 month old. I m getting back pain aa lot why??

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Answer: Hi dear It's comon to have joint pain and back pain it is important to take iron tablets for first 3 months and calcium tablets for atleast 6 months it's even better to take it for one year.rest your back on pillow,hope this is helpful
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Question: My 4 month old son poping with froth why
Answer: You My experience with foamy poop is a strong let down. My LO had this problem but once we work out the let down kinks it stopped happening. Also I do burp with every feed or she gets way to much gas in her belly.
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Question: Hi m getting a lot of pain in my lower back .wht should i do?
Answer: Hi. Its common during pregnancy,have some support on your back like a pillow whie sitting,sit in a comfortable position you would like to. Do walking for half an hour.dont stand for long hours,try to take as much rest as you can. Usually at this time there will be less sleep at nights.so,try to sleep in day,lack of sufficient sleep also affects your spine.drink plenty of water.Eat fresh fruit s and vegetables.Do breathing exercises,inhale slowly and exhale in bouts.sleep on your left side.Do reax by foot massage u can ask your family members for help in doing foot massage.
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Question: Why I am getting back pain while sleeping
Answer: Dear as you are in your 38 week of pregnancy so ar this point baby puts alot of pressure on the backbone which cause pain. So its completely normal. Just lie down on your left and put pillow on your back for support and keep a pillow between your legs that will give you relief..
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