3 months old baby

Question: Ma baby was not drinking milk properly from me we have to feed the milk with spoon then she was drinking and she was so leen pkz give me seoution iam so worry

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Answer: Hi,as you have mentioned that your baby was not taking your feed initially ,but has your baby now taking feed directly.if yes than don't worry.she will put on weight. Also if you were expressing and feeding your baby even than that is why k because with that too the baby will get the reqd nutrients . If the baby is not gaining weight with your feed than probably there must be more hindmilk than foremilk To get good foremilk you should have a good it. Have more if high protein rich diet like soya, pulses,egg,chicken. Have at least 2 glasses.if milk daily Have milk products Have cereals Oats Ragi Have fennel seeds Fenugreek seeds Garlic Have fruits and green vegetables This should help
Answer: As long as she is in her correct weight you don't have to worry about whether she is thinking or fat. Make sure she drinks the milk properly and has enough pee and poo diapers
Answer: I think your baby is not able to latch the nipple properly.You should consult with a lactation expect.
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Question: My son is not having milk properly morning time.. If we feed Brest milk through spoon he drinks... Is it fine to feed him with spoon?
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Once or twice feeding with spoon should not cause trouble. But if baby gets used to it and don't suck your milk will reduce. So try to use nipple shield as it becomes easy for baby to suck and helps to increase flow. Always remember if baby stops sucking milk production will decrease. Take care
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Question: My baby was 3 months old she was drinking the milk when she was in the sleeping time after weak up she was not drinking if i force to drink she was crying i have to collect the milk from me and pouring in mouth with spoon then she was drinking what the reson and plz give me soloution
Answer: Hi! Its normal in such small babies, dont wory its temporary, however pls check if anything from the below reason is bothering the baby; 1) Breast is engorged and difficult for baby to feed. 2) Baby is full and doesnt want feed, in this case follow hid cues. 3) The flow of your milk, in the first few weeks the flow is more, and tough to handle for the baby. 4) Weather can affect feeding And you can try helping the baby by changing your position of feeding once and check.o 3) Skin to skin contact play a major role in feeding, pls try to gjve that... Good luck!
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Question: My baby is one month old and i feel she is not drinking milk properly she sleeps just few minutes after drinking from one side .. Not able to feed from the both .. What to do
Answer: It's very important to feed both from the side in order to get proper nutrition for your baby, try to suppress the milk from both the side, and feed your baby every two hours once, this practice might increase the intake of milk to your baby, and gradually increase proper weight too.
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