5 months old baby

Question: Ma baby s refusing feed she feed perfectly when she sleeps 5 months to comp tomorrow

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Answer: Hello! It happens in babies if the baby is going through teething or growth spurt. It is a phase don't worry it will pass. Continue feeding the baby in sleep till then. Don't try to force feed, but yes try if distractions work for the baby. Sometimes it worked for my son. Hope this helps. Take care
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Question: Ma 2 months baby somtimes sleeps for 4 hrs ..when I hve t feed her
Answer: Hi, There are few things which you can remember and should help you to take this in an easier way:- -Hunger is enough to make a person wake up from the sleep. -at this age maximum time of the baby is going to go in sleep..... so it's not a big deal even if you feed her once she gets up. -you can observe her timing for getting asleep and try to feed little in advance so that there won't be a too long gap. -these timings etc. you only can slowly plan and work out step by step, just like toilet training etc. Hope this helps to get your desired solution.
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Question: My baby is 5 Months he is refusing to breast feed but he is very active
Answer: Hi, check for teething symptoms in the baby. Babies sometimes avoid feeding due to no appetite during teething. Which is common. It can be also due to the growth phase. Try feeding the baby when sleepy or sleeping. Even you can try breastmilk Popsicle, that also sometimes helps.
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Question: my baby is not taking feed while awake...she take feed when she sleeps ..i have to wait when she sleep i fed her...some times she dont take feed strech 5 hours
Answer: at 5 months the gap increases between the feed...feed only on demand of the baby ..
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