4 months old baby

Question: Ma baby is not drinking milk... When we given nipple he starts to crying what might be the problem??

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Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 4 months old dear babies r so smart they don't want to do efforts for breast milk that's why they reject breast milk .they know when they reject breast milk mumma 'll give bottle feed in which they don't have to do efforts for milk .they open the mouth nd milk starts coming .that's why they prefer bottle feed .dear of u have enough bf nd baby s not taking directly from breast take out milk wit breast pump nd give it baby wit spoon .avoid giving bottle its not safe .try it
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Question: Baby is not drinking milk , when I'm forcing he starts crying. Anyone plz help me
Answer: It's normal dear.. In the beginning baby will latching issue and they will not have how to latch. And as your baby grows it loose interest in food and explore other things. It's just a phase. Don't worry. you need have little patience.. Keep trying offer breastmilk.. After trying on one point of time baby get correct latch so baby will continue dribk milk.. You can try feeding in different positions. The best position is make you  baby close to your arms and then feed baby feel secured,check baby is getting sufficient milk flow, do not use any body lotion, perfumes. Sometimes because of smell babys reject the breast milk. Keep trying he will take dear. You are feeling Palin express the milk and feed your baby in tiny spoon very small quantity dear. You can use manual pumping machine. Give a hot massage to your breasts gives relief from pain. Drink lots of water dear. Keep trying dear.
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Question: My baby is not drinking my milk ...if i feed itself he starts crying .....what s the problem
Answer: Hi seems your baby is on nursing strike. Dont worry it will end soon ..Happens with some babies. They are easily distracted at this stage. So1) try nursing in dark room.2) Change feeding position like feed in standing ,walking etc..3)Dream feeding also helps..
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Question: My baby is not drinking milk on right breast.. she feels uncomfortable and when i take nipple to her she starts crying what should I do now???
Answer: Jis gym vo jyada bhookhi ho to ryt side se feed krao .. 2-3 bar asa kro tb vo ryt side se bhi uncomfortable ho jayegi
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