23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Helo ma'am.. My anamoly scan done... OS is closed, cervical length 3.2cm.

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Answer: Hi dear,congratulations on your pregnanacy 😊 cervical length 3.2cm is normal don't worry
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Question: Hii i m 20 week pregnant and have done Anamoly scan my USG is normal but my cervical length is 2.47cm(TVS) internal os is closed & no funneling is there is any problem related to the length of cervix?
Answer: Hi! The length of your lower uterus level is the cervical length which is connected to your vagina. Usually a normal cervical length is 4-5 cm long when not pregnant and its closed and rigid but during the course of pregnancy it becomes soft and dilated hence women with short cervix get cervical stitches to protect the baby, u mght be suggested the same by ur gynae.. Also now that you know that u hv cervical incompetency so avoid sexual intercourse and lifting Heavy weight. Bed rest is important (condition varies from women to women) Hope this helps!
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Question: cervical length is 4.0 and internal os is closed means ?
Answer: At 24 weeks gestation, the average cervical length is 3.5 cm. so your is 4 it near about average so normal no need to worry.... Internal OS is the upper end of the cervix that opens into the uterus.Your cervix should stay closed, safely sealed with a mucus plug, throughout pregnancy and until your baby is due to be born. The scan will check for signs of your cervix opening too soon, before your baby is due. so your is closed so it's normal... Everything is alright and normal...
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Question: Good morning. ..in my anamoly scan my cervical length is 3.3 and IOS closed ...is it ok or not?
Answer: Hello, When cervical length is less than 2.2 cm, women face a 20 percent probability of preterm delivery.
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