34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Ma'am mujhe labour pain hora hai main kya bache dani ka muo 2 finger khol gya hai aur baby ka weight 1.82kg hi hai it's to early what do plse suggest me something

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Answer: Visit the Dr. as soon as possible. Don't wait for anything.
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Question: Mujhe 2 din se lower back aur hip joint me pain ho raha h kya ye early labour sign h
Answer: Hello There are some sure signs of identifying that ur labour is close. Ur mood swings u may experience high anxiety crying for no reason or being impatient. Cramps this could be like ur mensural cramps this is one of the sign it labour is close. This is a different more intense back pain accompanied by cramps. There is a bloody show. The mucous plug that seals ur cervix is off with blood or brown discharge. Having loose motion or diareah it's nature's way of clearing anything that come in the way. Water breaking happens whn ur ameotic fluid gushes out. U have to rush to the hospital. Regural contractions that are abt half an hour apart tell u that ur contractions are closing in.
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Question: Bache Dani ka muh khul gaya means aur labour pain nhi hue kya karu suggest Me
Answer: Hello dear pareshan n ho uterus agar open ho gai h to pain bhi jaldi hoga agar ni hota h to doctor pain induce karegi. Ap natural labour pain tips bhi try lar sakti h. Some ways to get labour naturally --- Do sex. Eat papaya in big amount. Drink castor oil ( only 2 spoon in lukewarm milk) Stimulate you nipples. Mopping is good way. Keep away from stress. Go for walk. Eat spicy food.
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Question: Hello ma'am it's my 23weeks running aur mera abhi tak 3kg weight hi increase hua hai what should I do
Answer: Hello! Pregnancy mein total weight gain 12-15 kgs healthy mana jata hain. Aap jyada se jyada vegetables, fruits dry fruits include karein. Apne diet mein high protein wale food introduce karein jaise milk twice daily protein powder ke saath ( doctor se prescribe karwaye), eggs, soybeans, curd, paneer, masoor daal and almonds.
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