27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Ma'am I feel sleepy full day I walk on my terrace for 1 hour but also feels sleepy

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Answer: It's normal dear. This is because of progesterone hormonal changes in body. Enjoy ur sleep
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Question: Hi , i am not able to sleep every night and in day i feel sleepy.
Answer: Its common. Take warm milk before heading to bed. Use pillows as per ur comfortability specialy between both knees . If possible massage feet with some warm mustard oil .try to take small nap(45min) in afternoon if u want sound sleep at night.avoid taking coffee or tea in evening. Hope these tips will help u
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Question: Today morning I feel dizziness so I can't able to walk so I didn't eat anything and sleep again after 1 hour only I will be normal
Answer: Of course dear.... feeling giddy can be due to a fluid imbalance in your ear or due to low blood pressure levels dear....so please ensure that you are drinking sufficient amount of water and coconut water to maintain healthy electrolyte levels dear...
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Question: Hi I had my c section on 12th March...... My stomach feels heavy when I walk is it normal?
Answer: It shouldn't be there dear, please do once consult the doctor dear.
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