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Question: Ma'am after having intercourse does the sperm enters inside will floats outside. It is happening in my case .is it normal. Why it is happening in my case? Pls reply

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Answer: Yes, it's perfectly natural and you can still conceive. When you have intercourse so much of the sperm goes up into your uterus almost immediately... What comes out of your vagina is not sperm. It is semen. Yes, they are different. When a man ejaculates, the sperm is protected by the semen around it. This is what comes out after. Hope this helps!
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    Sharmila Sulthana783 days ago

    Thank you very much

Answer: Hi! A smaller amount of sperm can cause pregnancy, and the pregnancy depends on the fertilisation of an egg with a sperm. A man ejaculates 40-150 million sperm and they swim upstream towards the fallopian tubes to fertilise an egg. It takes almost half an hour to reach an egg and lives upto 48-72 hours. Good luck!
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Question: Hi ,when doing sex how the sperm inside of cervix .what is my part to get the sperm inside .all time after intercourse the sperm come outside or leaked
Answer: hi dear! when your husband releases the sperms , they are released in the vagina. they then travel through the cervix . millions of them are unable to pass through the cervix and are destroyed due to cervical mucus environment . the remaining sperm swim through and some can get destroyed here too , eventually only some few sperms reach the egg out of which only 1 will fertilize the egg. so it is important for you to know that even one sperm cells manage to fertilize the egg ,an embryo can be formed. most of them will come out.that does not mean that the no sperm is travelling inside. so dont worry dear! take care ! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: After intercourse, why sperm leaks outside , even I remain sleepy on bed? What to do to prevent sperm to come outside the vegina?
Answer: Hi dear, The semen leaks out due to donot worry the million sperms in semen could still swim through the vagina to meet the ideally it is said to elevate the bottom by placing pillows to retain maximum semen inside the vagina for 5 minutes before standing up.but usually the sperms can swim through inspite of semen coming out.
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Question: When we do intercourse , after discharge , all sperum go outside after 5 mint .. Please suggest the reason why sperum go outside instead of stay inside in vagina..
Answer: Some secretions may come out.its absolutely don't worry.
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