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Question: Hiii....m 14 weeks pregnant n i feel very weak n exhausted..wat shud i do??

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Answer: Hello dear Fatigue is a common symptom during pregnancy. Some women may feel exhausted throughout their pregnancy, while some may hardly feel tired at all. ... Fatigue during pregnancy is most common during the first trimester. It tends to go away during the second trimester, but will usually return in the third trimester. Fruits such as oranges, pomegranates, kiwi, watermelon, wet figs, strawberry, Blueberries, apples, banana etc should be taken Include little amount of rice, chapathi, curry etc Avoid oily and spicy foods, no to street foods.. Go for walking in the fresh air morning and evening for 30-45 minutes and proper rest is important.. Keep yourself busy with some activities like walking, talking to your near and dear, listening music, reading books, watching good movies etc.. Stay active and healthy.. Happy pregnancy
Answer: Sorry I misread your question. As your body is constantly changing and burning lots of calories to support your pregnancy, it's normal to feel exhausted and tired. It's necessary that you eat something at every 2hours. Also drink lots of water and rest well. First trimester is a crucial time proper care is needed to sail through this period. First trimester meal plan- 1. A glass of milk regularly. 2. Bowl of seasonal fruits 3. Bowl of salads 4. Chapatis 5. Bowl of different types of pulses 6. Fibre rich foods like oats, pomegranate with seeds etc 7. Bowl of veggies 8. Iron and calcium rich diet 9. Avoid ajinomoto 10. No Gassy foods 11. Drink plenty of water 12. Include curd, buttermilk and fennel seeds 13. Avoid aerated and caffeinated drinks 14. Dry Fruits
Answer: Hi dear, Pain in legs are due to various reasons- 1).The growing weight causes more pressure on legs. 2) During pregnancy water retention is the common issue as there is increase in bodily flow. Many a times result in swelling which causes main. 3) As the uterus grows it presses the veins around it causing pain in vagina, thighs, legs. 4) the muscles during pregnancy relaxes dye to hormonal change , often causing cramping and pain. For relief try not to stand for longer hours, dip your deers in lukewarm water, while sleeping place your feet on a pillow so that they are slightly raised from the body. A good massage can also give you relief.
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Question: I'm 5 weeks pregnant always feel exhausted Wat to do also I feel vomiting sensation
Answer: Hi dear, I am so sorry to find you in this situation.Nausea and vomiting as we know is quite common in pregnancy especially in 1st trimester.but some women can get in 2nd trimester and some continue till delivery.the pregnancy hormones to be blamed.but also depends on each body.many donot even get any nausea the entire pregnancy.how lucky!.no need to worry much about your own weight,your baby will be safe and can get nutrients from your saved storage. You can help yourself during nausea by following the tips: eat smaller meals.but eat frequently.as the digestion process slows down due to the growth of baby,eating smaller meals puts less stress to stomach,eat non spicy food and eating nuts can releave nausea, stay away from caffeine.it triggers nausea, eat less salt in food to avoid bloating, sniff lemon it refreshes the air around you,eating cold food sometimes prevent nausea by not triggering the intense smell of food,chew ginger and ajwain,drink plenty of water,take rest to calm your body,If nothing helps,take anti nausea meds,consult your doctor for that.
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Question: I m 2 month pregnant but I feel very weak and exhausted what should I do for energetic
Answer: That is called as morning sickness which is a common symptom of pregnancyIt is caused due to hormonal fluctuations and usually settle on their own over a few days. Dont drink milk or water early in the morning. Start your day with a solid food,after which u may take milk or water. Eat healthy fruits which are easily digestible! Have ginger water around your food hours to feel better or even lemon water will do Have more fruit and vegetables juice
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Question: Hiii...i am 16 weeks pregnant and still feel very weak...what should I do?
Answer: Hi dear if you are 16 weeks pregnant now but still feel weak it is normal and common in many pregnancy I would suggest you to please have your diet properly take nutritional and healthy food take all your prenatal medicines take ample of rest keep your water intake high Brazil you start feeling better .. Hope this help
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