23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hlo, m 17 weeks pregnant. mere tommy K Uper wali side m vibration feel hota,or raat ko letne m bi problem hoti h????

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Question: mere stomach m uper k side pain hota h.
Answer: Stomach pain jyadatar acidity K waje se hota Hai... Treatment for acidity.. Acidity is a common problem during pregnancy.. Its mainly due to the lax lower esophagial spincter that u find burning sensation and also increases production of HCl in stomach 1)eat 5 small meals per day 2)have loads of water 3to4lts 4)add less spice to ur food ⁴)have fresh fruit and vegetable juices 5) lying down immediately after food is not good. Take 5 to 10min walk after food before going to sleep ideal is half an hr 6)have more green leafy vegetables 7)have lemon juice
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Question: Mere right foot m bhut pain hota m kya kru chlte samay bi problem hoti h
Answer: Loose open sandals ya slippers pahno AAP. Icing karo and pain wale spray Laga kar crepe bandage lagao. Aaram milega. Mujhe bhi hua tha and now it's all fine. Pregnancy mein edema ka chances jayada hota hai so make sure to wear comfortable one size bigger shoes or open sandal/slippers
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Question: hlo mam, m 6 month pregnant hu or mere pet k ekdam neche side me or mere sex organ me kafi dard hota h ....mam is everything normal .koi problem to ni h n mere baby ko.
Answer: It's better to go to your doctor as soon as possible
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