17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 16 weeks pregnant... M doing sex with my husband regularly, we started from my 14th week.. If there is any problem in this.. We doing more than one time a day.. But I didn't have any irritation, pain or bleeding.. Does it effect our baby? Is it not good?

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Answer: No it will not affect your baby . It is safe completely. But good if one time in a day.
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Answer: Hi deae having 2 cupsnof caffine in a day is absolutely fine . Nothing to worry. U can surely have it.
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Question: Is there any problem if we do sex after 2 months.. my bleeding is stopped
Answer: Sex should not be done till your gynae approves. If you have already crossed 60 days then you can, but start slow, initially you will feel a lot of pain. Please tell me more about your bleeding. Do you still see spotting? Also, note if after sex you bleed again. Then you will have to stop for a weeks time yo resume normally.
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Question: I had sex with my husband on the 16 th day after my periods . Is there any chance of pregnancy
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