36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 34 weeks pregnant i feel mera pet thoda niche aaya hai... What it means.. is thr any sign of early labour...

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Answer: It is called lightening which is seen when baby head descends into pelvis...its actually a good sign for normal delivery
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Question: I'm 34 weeks pregnant...I have lower stomach pain...is it a sign of labour?
Answer: Hello dear. In many cases most of the mother's would have an early delivery. So you should be on the lookout for contractions. Contractions may feel like a tightening or cramping in your uterus, similar to menstrual cramps. Some women feel them in their back, as well. Your stomach will feel hard to the touch during a contraction. If the pain gets unbearable, you'll have to rush to the gynecologist. Take care.
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Question: I m 35 week pregnant i feel pain in my back it is sign of labour
Answer: Hi. Sometimes false pains ll be there in this stage...just drink plenty of water and do take jeera water with butter added to relieve from pain...on labor you ll get more frequent kicks of baby and unbearable pain..
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Question: 39 weeks pregnant..i do feel contractions ? But no sign of labour is it alright ?
Answer: Ya it is normal at the last week of Ur pregnancy. Labour contractions will come in equal intervals and pain and contractions gradually increases. If the amniotic sac rupture then u Shud go to hospital for delivery. U can pack up Ur things even now bcz the whenever Ur labour pain starts. But don't be panic wen u get the labour pain or leaking of water
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