10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 9 weeks pregnant can i take calcium tablets

2 Answers
Answer: U can take but consult ur gynaecologist she might suggest it in later weeks seeing the blood report of it's or might decide the intake quantity
Answer: Yes u can...ur doc ll prescrice u.
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Question: I am 3 months pregnant. I use to vomit whenever I take calcium tablets . Can I escape calcium tablets?
Answer: Hii.. no dear u should not skip ur calcium tablet. . It's for baby bone development. . When ur doc advise to take tablet ? If it's after food take some 15 mits time have a short gentle walk and then slowly have ur tab in warm water.. u may not find this vomiting sensation once u cross ur 4th month think so till that adjus and have tab.. it's all for baby 😊
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Question: M 22 weeks pregnant and I can't take calcium tablets cz it's causing me allergies so I stop taking it..is it compulsory to take calcium tablets??
Answer: Yes dear, its pretty much compulsory to have calcium, folic acid and multivitamins during your pregnancy as it supports your body requirement as well as the growth of the baby. If any specific tablet is creating allergies to you, then pl consult your doc, he/she will change it with some alternate but do not leave/skip any of the medicine prescribed by your doc during pregnancy.
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Question: can I take iron and calcium tablets at the same time.. I am 16 weeks pregnant??
Answer: No..Iron and calcium tablets same time pr nhi leni chahiye..Doctor said ki gap hona chahiye dono ki timings me..
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