38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: m 37 weeks pregnant... as per my lft test my AST is 96 and ALT is 81 which is higher than reference range. what precautions and food should I take to lower it? plz do rply

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Question: Hey i had my liver function test yesterday which show AST is 390 and ALT is 430 which is high.. is tere any risk for baby ... I m 7th month running... Should i takr any precautions
Answer: Hi There is actually no cure for this but doctors will monitor your condition , symptomatic treatment, and advise delivering your baby early Doctor must have given you medicines for this For diet you need to reduce fatty thing like egg yellow, meat, full fat milk cream full fat cheese Avoid large amount of sugar white flour and other fried food Drink 10to 12 glasses of water daily You can have lemon water , it's very good for liver detoxification Repeat LFT every week and follow up your doctor
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Question: Hii. Mera Cbc test hua tha. Hemoglobin was 12.4but TLC level is 12.0 which is higher than normal range. So what are the precautions i should follow
Answer: In pregnancy tlc increases above normal range...the ranges given in lab report are of nonpregnant level....thats y it seems higher..dont worry
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Question: I had my liver function test in which my AST IS 340 AND ALT IS 430 WHICH IS HIGH... Is there any problem for baby.. what will i do now .. should i take any precautions in eating
Answer: Already answered
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