37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 36 weeks pregnant and my AFI is 10.4 is it normal?

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Answer: Hi dear Yes normal only and gud amniotic fluid index now.during 20 weeks to 35 weeks it is between 14-18is considered as normal and after that it will start to reduce and in this period ami above 8is considered as Normal.happy pregnancy stay healthy and happy
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    sonu sharma1048 days ago

    Thanks dear

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Question: I am 36 weeks pregnant and in Doppler scan my baby AFI is 13 is it ok
Answer: Yes dear ur afi s normal as in this time afi should be between 12 to 14 ur afi s normal. Take 8 to 10 glass water daily nd 3 to 4 ltr liquids daily its helpful in maintaining afi level too try it
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Question: I am 26 week pregnant... My aminotic fluid is 10.4...is it normal...
Answer: Slightly less or u can say on border.. drink more water.. eat watery fruits.. also have coconut water daily
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Question: Hello Doctor, I'm 29 weeks pregnant and my Haemoglobin percentage is 10.4 is it ok?
Answer: Your hemoglobin is slightly low.it should be between 12 to 14.
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