17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hlo m 16 weeks pregnant and I slightly slipped on my knees was not too hard...n felt little stretch for sometime....No pain no stretch ..so m not so worried but still felt like asking ...please tell me.. is everything is fyn..

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Answer: Hi! Did you belly come in contact with anything when you slipped? If no, and since you say no pain, no stretch I think it should be fine. I myself had fall on my knees keeping my back straight so tummy didn’t come in contact with anything and it was completely fine. If you are still worried you may want to check with the Doctor.
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    Dipika Singh706 days ago

    Thanks Purva ..No my belly was safe as i fall on my knees....

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Question: Hi m worried about my baby's tummy i feel like its little hard. Is everything alright?
Answer: May be baby is having colic or gas. Apply hing paste around navel area and do cycling exercise it will definitely help
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Question: Hi doc.. M 16 weeks pregnant.. Today my 8 yr old son pushed my stomach with his legs during night sleep however there were no cramps still m worried everything is fine in my pregnancy... I felt little discomfort but no pain n no cramps.... Pls suggest me what should i do.... Is everything is fine or what should i do
Answer: Hello! Ideally there should be no problem as the baby is protected by the amniotic fluid around it. It gives a cushion like protection. But if you are still doubtful then visit the doctor, by hearing the baby heartbeat you will feel little relieved Take care
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Question: I am not having any symptoms like morning sickness, food diversion or anything else... Tender breast was der now its normal, only i will feel hungry n tired sometime. In 5 week 5 day sac also was not seen. I am too worried.. Is everything fine with me.. My baby is growing or not... I really very worried..
Answer: Dear if the yolk sac wasn't visible then relax there is nothing to worry your doctor must have also told you to come after couple of weeks for repeated scan as it is normal in early scans that the sac isn't visible.Do not rely on pregnancy signs like nausea, morning sickness,sore breast, dizziness, fatigue, back pain, lower abdominal pain or white sticky discharge for confirming ur pregnancy. Is your pregnancy test was positive and ur beta hcg values are increasing which shows the growth is there for your baby then everything is fine. I did not had any of the above mentioned during my pregnancy and still had a normal and healthy pregnancy. Stay positive. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi..i am still not feeling any movement of my child..m so worried..is everything ok
Answer: You will feel from 24 weeks
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