36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 35 weeks preganant n baby is in breech position will its change its position

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Answer: Yes Dear baby can change its position once to get in birth position. so dont worry just do mild walk regularly..
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Question: Can a breech baby change its position after 35 weeks?? Is there any exercise to change the position?
Answer: Hi its rare that breech babies change the position and there is no such exercises which helps to change the position. As the position change by baby movements. So just maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated as this will help baby in growth and development
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Question: M 35 week pregnant n my baby is in breech position wat can i do to change my baby position ..
Answer: It’s important to see your doctor regularly throughout your pregnancy. Your doctor can tell if your baby is breech and help plan what to do. There are several ways to try and turn your baby. Your doctor may suggest methods to help turn the baby naturally. These could be the first attempt if it is still early and there are no health problems or concerns. Another option is to do a procedure called external cephalic version. Or your doctor may want to schedule a cesarean delivery (C-section). External cephalic version (ECV) ECV is one way to turn a baby from breech position to head down position while it’s still in the uterus. It involves the doctor applying pressure to your stomach to turn the baby from the outside. Sometimes, they use ultrasound as well. Many women who have normal pregnancies can have ECV. You should not have ECV if you have: Vaginal bleeding.A placenta that is near or covering the opening of the uterus.A low level of fluid in the sac that surrounds and protects the baby.An abnormal fetal heartPremature rupture of the membranes.Twins or other multiples pregnancy.
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Question: Im 35 week preganant my baby is in breech position what will i do it fro the currct position
Answer: Don't worry, there is time baby might turn in cephalic.Try walking, climbing stairs, duck walk, stay active do house hold work. Before trying anything new always consult with your doctor as your doctor is well aware of your health condition.
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Question: Mu baby is at breech position.. m 35 weeks pregnant.. will it be change? I want to do normal delivery.
Answer: Hi dear as you are in your 35 week so chances are high that bbay will change its position before 9th month. So just relax and get a scan at 37 week and see the position of baby that will decide if you have normal or cesarean delivery.
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