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Question: M 6 week pregnant.. Ultrasound done on 5 week 2 day.. But there is no heartbeat... Should I worry about it.. Or it's k

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Answer: Don't worry it happens in the cases of late conception of the all maybe your periods were regular before delivery heartbeats are usually appreciated around 8 to 10 weeks Continue taking medicine and take rest Repeat scan after 2 weeks to see the status. All the best
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Question: It is my 5th week and my dr will suggest me to do ultrasound there is no fetal pole and heartbeat so should i worry about it
Answer: Heartbeat of foetus can be found upto the ten 3 so it is best for you to repeat an ultrasound and stay positive
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Question: I am 6 week pregnant according to ultrasound scan but there is no heartbeat, Is it normal??
Answer: Hello Dear If you're only 6 weeks, then that's normal. The fetal pole is a thickening on the margin of the yolk sac of a fetus during pregnancy. It is usually identified at 8 weeks with abdominal ultrasound imaging, and 7 weeks with vaginal ultrasound imaging. However it is quite normal for the fetal pole and heart beat both not to be audible n not be visible until about 9 weeks. The heart usually starts beating some where in the 6th-8th week. So don't worry at all, just give it some time. Congrats on your pregnancy!
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Question: No Heartbeat at 6 Weeks Ultrasound should i worry 😥
Answer: Hello dear, heartbeat is generally detectable only post 8 weeks of pregnancy..so please wait for a few more weeks and repeat the scan... Don't worry dear...stay positive..
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